Judge people, their ideas and values solely based on your emotions! You think the picture stands for hate and populism? Swipe it to the right. For love and understanding, swipe left! Right nazi, left sexy! Discussion not allowed. Feel free to get offended.

NaziTinder is a mobile game which lets you sort politicians (Trump or baby Hitler...), objects (dildos and burkas ...), movements (occupy wall street or the KKK...) and media outlets (breitbart ...) into the right - left political spectrum. A game and political comment (don't leave populism to the right wing mother f***ers, we can do it too!).

Controls: Just swipe to the left or right.

Please feel free to comment - I value (most) of your opinions. I will put the game on the app store as soon as I feel it is finished.

You can also download the game for your android phone.



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