Judge people, their ideas and values solely based on your emotions! You think the picture stands for hate and populism? Swipe it to the right. For love and understanding, swipe left! Right nazi, left sexy! Discussion not allowed. Feel free to get offended.

NaziTinder is a mobile game which lets you sort politicians (Trump or baby Hitler...), objects (dildos and burkas ...), movements (occupy wall street or the KKK...) and media outlets (breitbart ...) into the right - left political spectrum. A game and political comment.

Controls: Just swipe your finger to the left or to the right

Please feel free to comment - I value (most) of your opinions.



PlatformsAndroid, HTML5
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Made withUnity
Tagspolitical, Quiz, satire


Sexy or Nazi - Android APK 58 MB


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Things such as the consumption of fish is in no way inherently right-wing; mass production of animals meats would be but simply eating tuna is not. Also for energy nuclear power is quite sustainable and exhaust producing vehicles have many benefits over electric especially at an industrial scale.


Bruh, a  game by filthy leftist. Confederate flag is sexy.


this game is biased to an irritating degree but clever Tho was supprised hwb  was a nazi XDD


Half the "answers" are backwards.

Must've been made by an AOC-ite, or "feel the Bern"-ite.


Doesn't really seem very satirical, considering that calling a symbol of the U.S. "Nazi" is a little far fetched. The game seems a tad less like satire and more like an agenda. Though I got a kick out of the iphone being "Nazi". Kudos on that.

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